To infinity and beyond

Leading industries in the path of intelligentization and Industry 4 is our business.

By benefiting from the world’s latest technologies and adapting them, Fanap Infrastructure has paved the way for large industries to move towards digital transformation. As the first smart industry operator in the country, with a brilliant background in the implementation of large-scale projects in various industries, this complex is familiar with all kinds of challenges in this direction and provides various technological solutions with the support of more than 800 expert human capital.

Digital transformation is a journey that always continues, a journey that begins with infrastructure, along with a team that knows how to move on an intelligent circuit.


Executive Projects
Iranian Zarand Steel Company

Zarand Iranian Steel Complex is located 7 km from Zarand-Kerman road on a land of 390 hectares. The size of this area, in addition to the difference in the level of the areas of this project, which varies from 4 meters to 90 meters above the ground.

Executive Projects
Sirjan Iranian Steel Company

Sirjan Iranian Steel Company is one of the subsidiary companies of the specialized parent company for the development of mines and mineral industries in the Middle East. Currently, more than 10 groups of Fanrp products are used in 4 separate factories of this company.

Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP
MIDHCO Holding

MIDHCO's comprehensive integrated information solution (Midrpi) is actually the specialized technology for Midco Holding, this solution is categorized into 13 product groups, 36 products and 205 processes, of which 105 processes have been deployed or are ready to be deployed.

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Iranian Zarand steel project

Smart industry operator

Statistics show that many industries that did not have a tendency to be smart before now have realized the necessity of this transformation and are moving in this direction.
As the first smart industry operator, Fanap Infrastructure helps Iran’s sustainable and comprehensive industrial development by using new models and patterns based on the five emerging technologies of the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain in order to realize smart factories.


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